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That’s Entertainment


Just heard on the grapevine (ah, the trials of a ghost writer …) that Martin is off to Cape Town today to sign a contract over the rights to producing a film version of “The Edge of Paradise”. Seems odd and a little surreal, while doing mundane home things like the laundry, to be thinking about something I worked on being turned into a movie.

I tell you what – this bookbusiness is not good for someone trying (often half-heartedly) to fight pride. I am constantly needing to resist the urge to just pop into the book-store and check on how my “baby” is doing (that would be my softcover baby. I try to ensure my blonde-haired baby doesn’t wander through shops on his own).

I was a little disappointed the other day in CUM (the Christian book-store chain) to discover “The Edge of Paradise” was no longer in the biography section. It seemed a bad sign that after only a few weeks, it was no longer in stock. On the way out, though, I spotted a couple of dozen copies on the “Best Seller” shelf ….(blush).
Please pray for my soul. I am only half kidding.