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Cakes and Crosses


It’a been quite a week here in the Lamprecht house, with a five-day long weekend (yep, you read that correctly. South African’s love their public holidays. And I love them for it), a youth camp and a birthday.

Our not-so-little man turned 1 on Friday, and we celebrated today with a little get together in his honour. Naturally, he refused his morning nap preceding the event, for no apparent reason, refused to be held or make eye-contact with anyone but Mummy for the first hour or so, didn’t even take a bite of the delicious (???) sugar free banana cake Flower Girl and I prepared for him and only really got into the swing of things to wave an enthusiastic “Good-bye” as the last guests were leaving. We have decided that any future children will celebrate their first birthday’s at age three.

All in all, though, we had a ball, and are excited for the “klein seuntjie” that he has now reached toddlerhood!

Last weekend, Herman spent a couple of days teaching sessions at a youth camp organised by his home-church denomination. He was pretty involved with the planning for the event, and excited that the focus was going to be on outreach.

The first night he lead a prayer night for nations around the world, and the young people kept at it even when he felt the need to leave at about 2am the next morning. He also taught a session about “finding God’s will for your life” and was encouraged when a number of young people approached him afterwards and expressed an interest in committing their lives to serving God in a foreign country.

We were so excited to see such a fervent desire amongst the young people to reach the whole world with the gospel, especially when we have unfortunately been experiencing quite the opposite with older members of the church community. Whilst it is sad that so many have fallen away from seeking to be obedient to God by building into His kingdom, we are inspired by the fresh excitement of young believers so ready to take up their crosses and follow Jesus.

We pray for our two kiddos, one of whom is only just starting out on life’s great journey, that like the young people Herman encountered, they also will be enthusiastic about following whatever calling it is that God puts on their hearts, and always mindful of the great task God has set before us as members of His body.