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We have begun again working at the schools, teaching the CrossRoads character development program. Last week, we taught at VukaUzenzele and a new school, Bajabulile (means “we are happy”), and today we added a third school to this list, Jakaranda. It is amazing to see how the classes affect the children, and what they learn during the year. The year-long courses focus on good decision-making, self-confidence and values, and towards the end of the year (when everyone is feeling very comfortable with each other) start addressing issues like HIV/AIDS and sexuality. What is really awesome, though, is the way in which we are able to witness for Christ in these tough schools.

Last year, we were watching the Jesus film at one of the schools. Although officially you are not allowed to “proselytize” in South African schools, we are allowed to show the Jesus film, and explain why Jesus was a model of “good character” (also, many of the teachers get on board and turn a blind eye to when we talk about things like salvation and God’s love for us!). Halfway through the film, the computer kept freezing and making it really difficult to play the film properly. In the end, none of us could make the film play. It seemed like a good opportunity for an incidental lesson, though, so we left the film frozen, and came and stood at the front of the kids.

“Do you guys realise that God has an enemy, called the devil,” we asked.

Many of the kids nodded. African people are very much in touch with the “spirit world”, and even if they don’t know God personally, they know about him.

“The devil is not happy that we are watching this movie today. He is trying to make things difficult for us. But, God is more powerful than the devil, so let’s ask him to help us see this movie”

We led a short prayer, and all the kids said amen. And, all by itself, the movie started to play again.

The kids’ eyes opened wide.

What an amazing testimony about the power of God and his ability to take control in our lives. Please pray with us for more opportunities to be able to demonstrate who God is, and the place he wants to play in people’s lives to these kids.

“Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”

Matthew 5:16