Who are I? Shoh. Isn’t that a question?

 I am mum to two kiddos – Flowergirl and Wombat – who joined our family through adoption and… ahem… the old fashioned way, respectably (by the by, those aren’t their real names. We are a bit kooky, but not that kooky).

I am a wife to one husband (important to clarify these things in South Africa), Herman, who is hilariously funny, unendingly patient, prodigiously talented and – oh, the cliches – my best friend.

I am an Australian. Herman is Afrikaans. Flowergirl a staunch Sotho, and Wombat, just a little mixed up. As a family, we live (and thrive) with HIV.

Right now, we live in Africa, but are citizens of Heaven.


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