We’re back.

After a shocking 28 hours of flying, a few days of unpacking and setting up house, a week of OM “retreat” to reconnect with missionaries from across Africa, and 3 days of communal prayer for the new year, we are now finally getting back into the swing of things!

About time, really.

It is exciting, albeit a little bit daunting, to be back at the OM ministry centre, trying to process just what the new (although, not quite so new anymore) year has in store for us. I always find it quite a big transition, Australia to South Africa – and vice versa – but I think that again I have now settled back into this other home. Herman is already completely swamped by work commitments (poor fellow), although he is now feeling quite optimistic and full of plans for the next few weeks. I am perhaps not quite so busy yet – our ministry is going through a bit of a transitional phase, so I think that right now we a riding on the calm before the storm… I’ll share more on this exciting development in a future post.

As for now, some quick “Been here, done thats” just to get us all back on the same page again:

  • Herman and I really enjoyed our last few weeks in Australia, reconnecting with everybody, connecting with each other, and taking full advantage of all that Bundy has to offer (we love Bargara!) Thanks to all of those we could meet up with, and share a meal with, during our time.
  • We got back to South Africa safely, though completely knackered. We spent the week with Dimakatso, who was pretty pleased to see us, even if a bit surprised when we turned up.
  • Spent a week at “Die Oog“, a really nice campsite, for five days of OM retreat. We do this once a year to catch up with all our fellow missionaries from different far-flung reaches of the continent. This year was especially exciting, as while we were away, OM has merged with another missions organisation, Pro Christo, which works in a number of countries throughout the heart of Africa. So, there were lots of new people to meet.
  • Herman has come up with some pretty novel responses to the now oft-repeated question “So, you two – how’s married life?” My favourite so far is “It’s great… how about yours?” We got a great response from that one!
  • We’ve spent the last week praying and fasting together as team for all that God has in store for the next year. God is doing some exciting things here, and it was great to be still and wait on Him.

So, now you are pretty much caught up! Hopefully, I’ll be a bit more diligent now with posting, and will be able this year to share some more insights about some of what the Lord is doing in South Africa.


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