After a long and tiring search for somewhere to access the internet, Herman and I have finally discovered a wireless hotspot on the banks of the Burnett River, in the middle of a picnic spot in downtown Bundy (that is, as downtown as you can get in Bundy). Thanks Bundaberg City Council!

On Saturday the 11th of November, all the appropriate forms were signed, oaths uttered and speeches made. We are married! It was such a beautiful day, thanks to the many friends and family who helped us out, and joined us in celebration. It was special, too, to be able to reflect on how God has been at work in our lives, and just what the significance of the day is when we see marriage as a picture of Christ’s love for the church. I was joined by my Mum, Dad and Dad’s friend Donna from Australia, and we were also joined by Herman’s family, and our friends from South Africa. Flower Girl was a most excited little wedding attendant, enjoyed the food and compliments on her dress immensely, and was most despondent when she had to get changed afterwards. Please pray for us, and for Flower Girl, as we won’t see her again until the end of December, and we don’t know if she quite understands the whole situation. It’s a bit tough on all of us.

After three days in Graskop, Herman and I then flew to Australia, for a special ceremony in my church here in Bundy. What a party! Such an awesome way to celebrate again, with people who mean so much to us. We were able to spend another week holidaying in Bargara, and are now getting around to visit friends and family here, as well as taking a bit of a break.

Thank you for all your prayers in the lead up to our special day. We couldn’t have asked for a more memorable occasion!
I will try and keep this blog updated with our Aussie news, now that I know where to catch the wireless….

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  1. Hey Mrs Twerpus! Just saw the wedding photos on Herman’s Fbook page, and thought I’d see if you’d blog – lo and behold! You both look wonderful together. Every blessing! Mwah!

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