Eish. It’s a short little word, but contains so much meaning. Eish is the African equivalent for “Wow. Oh my hat. Golly. Gee Whizz. Crikey” all combined. Try it yourself now. It is a really good word. All together now, 1 – 2 – 3: Eish!

I’ve had a Eish kind of last couple of weeks (which explains why I haven’t posted for a while). In the middle of September I headed off for a 2-week OM course called the LMC, or leadership matters course. It was really excellently presented, with a lot of skills that will help me in the work that I am doing.

Sometimes, it is very easy to be discouraged, having little or no experience or formal education in the ministry that I am involved in. OM is, by definition, a movement for people of “all walks of life” (many missions agencies require that you have a bible college degree to be a part), which is a great thing actually – there are a lot of young people in the organisation, lots of new ideas, a very fluid structure, and many opportunities to be “on the edge” of what God is doing. Still, it can be difficult a times to be presented with such a great need (Many unsaved people dying of HIV/AIDS in South Africa, and all the related issues that go with that) and still have no idea where to begin.

A friend said to me when I joined OM, “God doesn’t call the equipped; he equips the called”. I have checked, and this is presented quite clearly in the Bible. So, for me, this course was a real “Jethro” time – Moses had a lot of enthusiasm, anointing and passion, certainly, but he also benefited from some wise counsel and empowering from his Father-in-law.

Now that I am back in Pretoria, and itching for a chance to use some of my new skills… I am slowly winding down with work, and getting ready for a wedding. Eish! It’s a busy time, but a good time! Mum arrived the other day, and we have enjoyed our “girl time” together. It is great having her here. 8 days until Herman and I are married, and it is so cool to see how the Lord continues to bless us and give us peace in this new direction to our lives. Please be praying for us as we get ready all our last minute bits and pieces. Also, please help us to pray for Flower Girl – we have tried to explain to her that we are going away for some time, but the wedding will be the last time we see her for 2 months, and it might be a bit hard to say good-bye (probably more for me and Herman than her!). We hope the Lord’s peace will be with her while we are gone, and that she will not feel we have abandoned her.

…And then it is off to Australia. I probably won’t be able to post again until then, so for those of you in Aussie land, we look forward to seeing you! I will try and post some wedding pictures on the website and keep it more up to date when we get back to Australia. In the meantime, “Salagahle(stay well!)”


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