It’s interesting the people you meet in transit. I often make a point of asking God to set up “divine appointments” in the airport, plane or train that I am passing through (not always, though. Sometimes I am too selfish and greedy: “Dear God, thank you that for the next 10 hours I can catch up on my movies”). It’s cool the way God can use “I’m Belinda, from Australia but living in South Africa, working with a missions agency and people with AIDS” to begin some pretty stimulating discussions.

This last week, Herman also had one of these divine appointments. On his way back from meetings in Denmark, he met a guy called Mark. Mark is a South African, living in Luxembourg and working with the world bank, and the two blokes got to chatting about life. Herman mentioned that he worked for a missions agency, which Mark found interesting. Apparently, he found it so interesting that he asked for Herman’s phone number, and called later in the week to set up a meeting.

Herman let me tag along with him (what a great fellow he is!), and it was really awesome to see what God is doing in Marks life (I doubt he even realises it at the moment). He asked us all the questions about what we do (How did you get involved in missions? What is the point? How do you earn a living?) as well as stuff in general (what is the answer to crime in South Africa? How do you prevent HIV/AIDS? Can people really change the way that they live?). We were able to share the truth about what Christ has done for and in us, and although he mightn’t have necessarily agreed with all we said, he seemed pretty open to listen at least. Two days later, he turned up at our OM offices to have a look around, and ask more questions.

I share this as a request for prayer. Please be praying for Mark. He seems so hungry for the truth. Please pray that God would increase his hunger, and that as he returns back to his family in Luxembourg, he would continue to go out and look for answers.

“When you seek me with all your heart, I will be found by you, declares the Lord”
Jeremiah 29:13 – 14


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