A lot of stuff has happened since my last post in….. June. Oops. Maybe I’ll just update you on the most recent events.

Last week we went to share 3 days of teachings at the OM training base. For six months, young people (and not so young people) receive instruction and practical help to start equipping them for service on the mission field. We were able to deliver information about HIV and AIDS, ministry to people who are affected and infected by HIV/AIDS, and the Hope we can communicate to those who are suffering. The sessions seemed to be well received, and we were personally challenged by the enthusiasm of the 20 students.

The teaching was especially important for the students, as they have now headed up to Swaziland (a landlocked country bordering South Africa), for their first practical outreach experience, where they will be doing home-based care with an existing HIV/AIDS ministry.

The population of Swaziland is currently 947,000.  Of the 947,000, there are 95,000 AIDS orphans, children who have been left parentless because of AIDS.  It is projected that, by 2015, the population of the country will have dropped to 800,000 and the number of AIDS orphans will have increased to 250,000.  If something is not done to stop the spread of AIDS in Swaziland and it keeps growing at the pace it is today, the entire Swazi population is projected to be wiped out completely by 2040. 

The ministry for these guys in Swaziland will be intense, especially considering the ministry in Swaziland doesn't even have the most basic first-aid equipment. These guys are out doing first-aid to some of the most ill people they will ever meet, and they will probably not even have as much as a thermometer, bandages or the most basic medication.

Please pray for the training team during their outreach in Swaziland, and the people of Swaziland


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