A quick update, before jumping in the car in a few minutes. I haven’t managed to write a post for the last week, but here are a few snippets from the last week, and some predictions about the next:

  • Over the weekend I, and a few other people with OM here, visited two churches to do presentations. On Saturday we did an HIV talk with young people in a tent-church in Hammanskraal, and on the Sunday we shared a missions presentation in another church near Johannesburg. It is great to see the African church being mobilised for missions.
  • We got lost on the way home from the church on Sunday, and I was able to observe some very interesting church names on the way home. Township church names can be very descriptive. My favourite was “Church of the African Martyrs” (did you know that the original meaning of the word martyr is witness? Should we have a “Church of the Bundaberg Martyrs”?) Another runner up was the Princess Worship Centre…. interesting. Just as a side note, the most interesting church name I have seen in Africa was the – get this – First Catholic Apostolic Jerusalem Church of Zion of South Africa.
  • Monday was a public holiday in South Africa, so Herman, Dimakatso and I rocked up to the zoo, and observed African animals in their not-so-native habitats.
  • Tuesday we arrived back at OM to discover we had a break in over the long weekend, and had 6 computers, along with other things, stolen. We also had a power surge which destroyed a few more computers and printers, and a car from the base was vandalised. Yesterday another OMer’s car was stolen, along with a boot-full of groceries. We are reminded that this is not a war against flesh and blood – I need to be more diligent in my prayers.
  • Wednesday a few of us went to Rustenburg to check out the work of a doctor in some informal settlements, and see how we can support him in what he is doing. Once again my heart is broken for the people of South Africa. I’ll put some photos on here later.
  • Other than that, it’s all been pretty routine, really!

Today I leave again for the Limpopo, where again we will be sharing with youth, in churches, at farms, and this time, in the mines! Please pray with us as we try to communicate the truth about HIV/AIDS, and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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