Another week’s wanderings


Today I head up to the Limpopo province to do a variety of teachings about HIV/AIDS in a community called Letsitele. Letsitele means “Valley of Death”; unsurprisingly, with a name like that, this community has a very high HIV infection rate, but people are reluctant to talk about it, get tested or receive treatment for fear of stigma. We have a number of sessions lined up, and the ministry will be quite varied. We will be doing some devotions (with a focus on purity) in high schools; encouraging pastors to get involved in HIV/AIDS, as well as world missions; educating factory and farm workers about HIV/AIDS and combating stigma, and encouraging farm owners to take more responsibility for the workers in their care who are struggling. All in all, it should be an interesting week, but we would appreciate prayer! Pray that we would have the wisdom to know how to combat such strong prejudices and fear about HIV, and that the Lord would do His work in the hearts of those we encounter.


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