Politcal Prayer


Please continue to pray with us for the nation of Zimbabwe.

This previously stable neighbour to South Africa had it’s presidential elections last weekend, but the Electoral Commission is yet to announce the results of the voting. What was once called the “Bread Basket of Africa” has been, for the last year or so in particular, in economic shambles. Recently, the inflation rate reached 100 000% (I am not kidding), the highest in the world. Even basic commodities (such as milk, bread, soap, fuel) are financially, as well as physically, out of reach for the majority of the populace. Once stocked supermarkets are now all but empty of goods. Robert Mugabe, the current president, has been referred to as a “disgrace to Africa” for his poor management of the nation, as well as tyrannous and abusive reign. Although the voting over the weekend was relatively peaceful, many are bracing for the worst as the two main opposing political parties (one of which is led by Mugabe) are both claiming victory, and the electoral commision is largely staying quiet.

I’ll keep you posted on what continues to unfold…


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