Going Tribal


After all of my best intentions to post very regularly, it has now been more than a week since I updated this blog. Oh dear. And now I have so much to share that it will take me a couple of days to catch up; but I’m sure you will all excuse me when I tell you that the reason for my slackness in “blogging” is that I have been running a children’s camp in some villages in Limpopo for the last week.

I have known Casper and Vilma (and their two children, Enrico and Charlene) for almost a year now. They are missionaries (from South Africa and Guatamala, respectively) in a community called “Sekororo” in rural Limpopo. There they serve nine village churches, as well as the wider community. They asked me this last week to come and run a Sunday School camp. I decided to teach on the theme of “Lost Things”, and for three days we played games, did crafts and listened to stories about the lost coin, lost sheep and lost son stories that Jesus told.

The week seemed to make an impact on these kids. Not only did they enjoy their time, but many of them wanted to chat about what God was doing in their lives as well. On top of the children’s camp, we would also each evening go into the communities to show the Jesus film, and do a short presentation explaining the gospel. We had a lot of commitments made at these programs, which was exciting; however, as often in Africa people will respond just to be “kind”, we will need to pray and wait on these people, and ask the Lord to help in discerning how we can continue to support and disciple those who said they wanted to follow Him.

Another interesting aspect of the trip was that Flower Girl, the little girl I foster on weekends, came for the camp with me as well. She had such a whale of a time with the kids! It was exciting to see her learn to relate to children other than those she knows from the orphanage. She was especially enraptured with Casper and Vilma’s daughter Charlene, and would follow her around relentlessly. Many of you who read my newletters will know that one of my prayer requests is that the Lord would really reveal himself to her, and that I can communicate about Him to her in a way she understanda. There are still some language barriers, and I guess that maybe up until now she has been a bit too young to really understand. But all of a sudden that has changed. She now keeps on wanting me to talk to her about Jesus! Herman bought her a little children’s bible for Christmas, and I have been reading it to her every night. The other day I asked her to fetch her bible, but she didn’t seem to understand.

Me: Flower Girl, go fetch your bible
FG: Huh?

Me: Go get your bible
FG: Huh?
Me: Go get your bible, the book that Herman gave you

FG: Huh?
Me: (getting a bit frazzled) Your book Dima, that we read every night
FG: Oh! The book with Jesus?

She now refuses to let me read her anything unless it is about Jesus. Poor old Moses, which was the story we were up to, doesn’t even get a mention. Flower Girl is all excited about the Jesus stories. Pretty cool, huh?

Well, I have a bunch more to share, but I should probably at least wait until tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers!


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