Just like Crocs…


So…here’s a little bit of background. About a year ago, I started noticing something scary here in South Africa. They were called Crocs, and they were ugly looking things, but for some reason everybody started wearing them on their feet. “Nasty, nasty,” I said to myself, and decided to avoid them altogther; but then something confusing started to happen. Even though in my head I knew that Crocs were ugly, I couldn’t help thinking over time that I liked them, just a little bit. It was wrong, very wrong, and I had to remind myself of this regulalry. So, in an effort to stem the tide of malignant croc-loving, I decided to boycott them altogether. This has continued successfully for the last year, I am happy to report.

Just like crocs, I realised last year that a lot of people in OM have blogs. I didn’t really like the concept… I’m a bit old fashioned in that sense, and like the monthly (or not-so-monthly, in my case) newsletter idea. But then it started to grow on me. I tried to resist, but I was not strong enough.

Hence, “Reaboka”.

Actually, it is quite a nice idea. I’ll still try to write my newsletters, but will also add any other interesting news to this site. We’ll see how it goes, anyway. Let me know if y’all like the system, and I’ll do my best to keep you all in the loop with all that is going on in South Africa…

…except when it comes to fashion footwear. Because Crocs don’t need any more publicity.


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  1. Hey Bindi! How are you! I think the blog idea is great! We can keep in touch easier now. Are crocs so bad? I think they’re scary but impressive. Though I wouldn’t wear them on my feet!

  2. hey bel. this is a fantastic idea. not that i’m on the net that much!! i hated crocs 2 until i tried them on. now i have a bright orange pair (not so anymore once the dogs got 2 them!!) but i still tend 2 only wear them around the house!! going camping on fraser 2morrow 4 easter. yeah!! hope it doesn’t rain. fingers crossed. cheers

  3. Hey Bindo Boo!The Blog is a great idea, and I soooo agree about the Crocs, although they are a lot more in taste than the $8 imitation ones from Big W, nasty.I still have your goodies to post, I’m slack I know, but hey, all good things come to those who wait.lol

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